Diana gold and silver necklace from Silvia Gnecchi.
Diana silver and gold necklace from Silvia Gnecchi.

Diana Chain


Intimate and confident bright adornment.


x Necklace length 45 cm

x Adjustable clasp 7 cm

x Galvanized brass with 24k gold and/or silver 925 powders

x Nickel-free

x Hypoallergenic

x Hand-welded


Silvia Gnecchi is an Italian brand that was born from the creative mind of the eponymous designer who every season investigates, researches, and proposes a new story, a new trend, with the aim to create wonderful bijoux. The eclectic brand is strongly linked to the concept of craftsmanship to testify as the meaning of absolute excellence and Italian quality. They explore future trends by confronting themselves with the skilled hands of masters destined to pass on their knowledge to very few. 

The Silvia Gnecchi brand is aimed at all strong, passionate, and heartfelt women. The everyday divas, heroic mothers, young globetrotters, grandmother fashionistas, and all those who still believe in the “trinket” as an indispensable item in a woman’s wardrobe.

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