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Saint Claude Social Club was created in the Fall of 2016 when three ladies came together with a passion to create something unique for the New Orleans retail scene. We wanted a store that embodied the spirit of New Orleans and made a statement about what we believe New Orleans style is: colorful, fun, eclectic and decorative. Pulling inspiration from the many cultures that founded the city,  we created an environment that mixes African and Haitian influences with Spanish and French design details. 

Our brands embody the color and spirit of the Crescent City and the effervescent style of the world traveler. Our merchandise is a strong cuvée of relaxed glamour, fun sophistication, and avant garde craftsmanship. SCSC carries independent female designers from all over the world that can only be found at our location. 

Wherever we pop up, we create a distinct social club atmosphere which gives a warm setting for the many social events that we host. We seek to empower the female entrepreneur by hosting social gatherings that showcase her methodologies and techniques. 

The Saint Claude Social Club customer has an authentic style and is not led by trends. Rather, she is a woman with a unique eye for vintage. An old soul who appreciates classic design. A queen who expresses herself through adornment.  For the Saint Claude woman, dressing up is a way of life.

Pictured: Founders and Owners of Saint Claude Social Club, Sarah and Margaret (left to right).


1933 Sophie Wright Place
New Orleans, LA 70130

Wednesday-Monday, 11am-5pm

Call us at 504-218-8987

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