Black Speak It To The Sun leather wallet from Animal.
Speak It To The Sun
Speak It To The Sun

Speak It To The Sun


Simple coin pouch for your everyday adventures!


x 5 ½ x 4 in

x 4m Riri brass zipper and slim tassel

x Finest quality Wickett & Craig leather


Each and every piece from Animal is made by hand in Denver, Colorado using custom designs and the highest quality materials. Animal is made up of a small gang of three: a little feral, a little obsessive, and deeply committed to making the very best work they can. These pieces are antennas of pride and love, from the Animal pack to yours.

All Animal accessories are made from high quality Wickett and Craig leather. This material was once a living creature who had adventures of their own and signs of this previous life may appear on the bag in the form of scars or marks. Animal leather is not pre-coated or sealed. Over time the color will deepen and develop a patina. Should staining occur, use a damp cloth and distilled water to gently remove.

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