Ace Card Heart Necklace

Ace Card Heart Necklace


Stack the deck and your neck with this gorgeous piece!


x Size one


Maison Irem was founded in 2013 by Mediterranean-born, Amsterdam based designer, Irem Sesigur. Irem embodies the enviable style of cool women, personifying the effortlessly chic, no fuss attitude towards dressing that has become synonymous with the Maison Irem woman. Irem has mastered what so many try to replicate,the je ne sais quoi of the independent women who manages to have it all whilst still remaining true to her own personal and unique style. Maison Irem’s signature pieces feature fine layered chains and intricate coins sourced from her ancient Lycian roots and travels to all corners of the globe, and are designed to be worn however the wearer pleases – as standalone pieces or stacked all together. The depth and uniqueness of the collection mean no two wearers will be the same, allowing every Maison Irem woman to express their individual self.

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