Model is posed in the pink Wool Mix Sweater, Wool Mix Hat, and Silver Shiny Pants all from Stella Nova. Model wears jewelry from Saint Claude.
Wool Mix Sweater
Wool Mix Sweater
Wool Mix Sweater

Wool Mix Sweater


Oversized sweater keeping you comfortable and stylish in the fall weather. 


x 80% Wool (RMS)

x 20% Nylon 

x Round neck

x Ribbed edges

x Hand wash in cold water

x Check care label for further care instructions

x Model is wearing size S


Stella NOVA was founded in 2002 by designer and creative director Trine Skoller. Today, Stella NOVA is a leading Danish fashion brand creating four annual wardrobes. The brand’s focal point is the creation of the perfect must-have wardrobe where every item consists of little treasures that each tell their own story. They work with contrasts, thinking that only where opposites meet is it possible to create a new story. In a world that has enough, their aim is to create unique styles that women will want in their wardrobe now and forever. With Stella NOVA, let your fantasy run wild with a cool mix of sporty vibes and chic looks. May you enjoy STELLA’s wardrobe as much as we do!

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