The Petra pant features UIM custom abstract artwork Maniera. Perfect easy fit high waisted pant crafted from breathable TENCEL™ with silky twill finish. Wide leg with front and back pockets. Welcome to Maniera, a hand-painted print inspired by a week in Rome, where we studied the painted folds of fabric in mannerist painting, delighted by their exuberance. Maniera floats somewhere between dancing and stone. Brush the folds aside, and a garden appears, stretching away to a vanishing point.


x 100% TENCEL™


Untitled in Motion was founded in 2020, in a time of uncertainty and uneasiness, and the brand is drawn to the same principles that founded the surrealist movement - juxtaposing distant worlds to activate the subconscious and nurture our inner creativity. An emphasis on dreams and the subconscious is key to the brand’s name: we can never quite define life itself because it is in a constant state of change. We hope to inspire our wearers to imagine, desire, dream, and to celebrate the journey.

Our ever-evolving body of work is made by Marika Kandelaki and Virginia Craddock. The collections draw parallels between the artist and the dreamer, inviting the wearer to linger a bit longer in those liminal spaces… between sleep and awake, action and stasis.

Kandelaki and Craddock approach the design of each collection as an artist might approach a canvas, through an emphasis on print and color, with thoughtful consideration of the silhouette and fabric. The prints are exclusive, limited edition works of art. The collections are inspired by dream states, surrealist imagery, architecture, and artistic references such as the arches and shadows of de Chirico, light play of Dora Maar, the sky of Magritte, whimsical trompe l'oeil costumes of Elsa Chiaparelli, cutouts of Matisse and the strange dreamscapes of Kay Sage.

Untitled in Motion is produced with sustainability top of mind and we engage in the ongoing discussion of how to serve humankind and our earth as we develop and produce each collection.

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