We Dream in Colour was founded in 2002 in New York City by designer Jade Gedeon. Owing much to her family's nomadic lifestyle, Jade enjoyed extensive exposure to a multitude of nations and cultures growing up. Born in the United States and raised in Trinidad, she has made her home in numerous countries. She has since sought to offer accessories that range from the quirky to the elegantly refined. The pieces are witty, surprising and fashioned to stand out from the crowd—ensuring the wearer sparkles from season to season.

Located on Boston’s North Shore, the We Dream in Colour studio is powered by an awesome team of women. Each and every We Dream in Colour piece is assembled by hand by their inhouse production team in Salem, MA. From small to big they take as many steps as possible to minimize their environmental impact and operate in a socially conscious fashion.

Ward off the mystic malevolent forces of the world, or collect the best kind of envious glances.


x hand-made in Salem, MA
x brass
x nickel and lead free
x 17" long

Regular price$218.00

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