Lime Rabbit Coin Pouch from Primecut sold on Saint Claude Social Club online store.

Lime Rabbit Coin Pouch


Sensory pouch for on the go. Fits cash and cards perfectly.


x 5”W x 3.5”T

x Rabbit exterior (raised for meat)

x Brass d-ring on side

x Linen interior

x YKK brass zipper


One-of-a-kind hides sourced from regional and worldwide leather suppliers, every bag is an individual expression. In a search for a better bag, Primecut is where form and function finally meet. Every bag is designed and produced in Portland, Oregon with the highest of standards in materials and aesthetics.

Note: all Primecut hides are secondary products of the agriculture industry. No animals were raised just for their skins. Most of the hair on hides and shearlings used are actually a less processed form of leather. They also try to source deadstock shearling (extras leftover from larger companies) whenever possible.

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