Ruby is a London-based designer, stylist, and singer, with firm roots in music and the visual arts. A career as a musician deepened her appreciation for how sounds can conjure shapes and forms. Her path to jewellery came when her head was turned to coax a song, but a shape whistled in her ear. She wanted to better understand her compositions, but the process took her somewhere unexpected.

The shapes she painted were always wanting; wanting to be worn, hoping to be treasured, determined to be out in the world. Her songs were destined for metal, resolved to adorn bodies and to echo their stories.

Imagine you are Cleopatra, studying in a private corner at The Great Library of Alexandria. Surrounded by scrolls, ancient mathematical tools, philosophical texts and a papyrus fan to cool you, a diadem upon your head, an elaborate bodice, elegant textiles and gold jewels adorn you. There are vines growing up the marble walls and through a tiny window you spy a candle lit temple in the distance. The chorus of the temple worshipers carries across the warm winds. You pray to the nine muses, a tear rolls down your cheek as you thank Euterpe - the muse of music - and set good intentions for your studies…


x brass w sterling silver posts and scrolls
x made in the UK

Regular price$178.00

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